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We still need a doc describing how to release and what are the requirements, who's responsible, etc.

This may not be a final take, and we may merge the two documents together, but I'm getting some early feedback on the content, not the presentation.

A few big changes:
* removal of any mention to dragonegg
* not pointing people to build by hand, but to use the release scripts
* unique list of required tools and their versions (cmake, ninja, gcc, clang, libstcd++, msvc)
* quality definition is not by arch anymore. Simple "no regression" policy on check-all+test-suite is the minimum.
* added an "official testing" section, with the names of volunteers (please, all agree that you have volunteered!)
* adding extended validation topic (*other* tests by the community, distribution validation)
* adding how to report bugs, discussed recently on the release threads

Please review the content, and lets discuss the format later. We may want to merge the two release documents, or not. Doesn't matter right now.




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