[PATCH] D21420: Properly handle short file names on the command line in Windows

Adrian McCarthy via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu Jun 16 14:14:08 PDT 2016

amccarth added inline comments.

Comment at: lib/Support/Windows/Process.inc:236-237
@@ +235,4 @@
+  DWORD Length = GetLongPathNameW(Arg, LongPath.data(), LongPath.capacity());
+  if (Length == 0 || Length > MAX_PATH)
+    return mapWindowsError(GetLastError());
+  LongPath.set_size(Length);
majnemer wrote:
> Is an error code set for the case where `Length > MAX_PATH`?  The MSDN docs seemed a little ambiguous.
The way I read it is that, if the target buffer isn't big enough, then the return value is the necessary size (in code units).  So I checked to see if it's bigger than MAX_PATH, since that's the capacity of the buffer.

In order to extend the buffer beyond MAX_PATH, we'd get into the realm of the `\\?\` prefix nonsense.  I assume there's lot of code in here that doesn't handle those, so if the expansion won't fit within MAX_PATH, I'm treating it as an error.

I believe GetLastError will return `ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY` or some other appropriate value in that case.  I'll check that now and add a comment.


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