[PATCH] D17129: [Compiler-rt][MSan] fix param_tls_limit test

Evgeniy Stepanov via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu Feb 25 11:20:28 PST 2016

eugenis added a comment.

Currently this test has OVERFLOW() and NO_OVERFLOW() checks.
Arguments that are entirely under the tls limit are poisoned on all platforms and can be checked with NO_OVERFLOW.
Arguments (at the source level) that are partially over limit are unpoisoned on X86, and partially poisoned on other platforms due to them being splitted into multiple IR arguments. We can check that with a PARTIAL_OVERFLOW() macro, defined differently based on the platform.

Please keep f_many and f_many2 tests, they are valuable.

PARTIALLY_INIT should not be necessary. If an argument partially overflows, at least the last byte of it will be unpoisoned in the callee - test for that.



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