Re: [PATCH] D16251: There seems to be a fundamental problem in SimplifyCFG: Dead code removal can result inuninitialized variables. The impact is an “endless” loop which can be consideredthe consequence of searching for the initialization. More details are...

Akira Hatanaka via llvm-commits llvm-commits at
Tue Feb 2 09:50:23 PST 2016

ahatanak added a comment.

Regardless of whether this is a valid counter example, I feel that using a stale dominance information to remove unreachable blocks is a little fragile. Is it possible to incrementally update the dominance information when the CFG is transformed? I guess we have to make sure it doesn't have a huge impact on compile time, but I think there are efficient ways to do it if we can identify the dominator tree nodes that are affected and don't have to update the dominator tree for the whole CFG?

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