[PATCH] Refactor debug info lexical block generation

Aboud, Amjad amjad.aboud at intel.com
Wed May 27 11:32:41 PDT 2015

I am not sure what is imported entry is, and if it could be located inside a lexical block.

When you create an imported entry you call the “getOrCreateContextDIE”, this function will check for, Compile-Unit, File, Namespace, Type, Subprogram context.
If none match, it calls “getDIE” function:

DIE *DwarfUnit::getDIE(const DINode *D) const {
  if (isShareableAcrossCUs(D))
    return DU->getDIE(D);
  return MDNodeToDieMap.lookup(D);

Maybe imported entries fit with the first condition check of “isShareableAcrossCUs”, but the function static variables will have a lexical block context and when we will look for this context in the “MDNodeToDieMap” map it will not be there, because we do not map lexical block MDNode to lexical block DIE.

Also, right now, we decide if to create the lexical block DIE or not depends on the local variable children only, as the function static variables DIE and the type DIEs were not attached yet to the lexical block DIE.
This, is why I also suggest to create all lexical blocks at first and once all its children are created, we can revisit this lexical block FIE and decide if it worth collapsing with parent.


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Perhaps it'd be good to have a general design discussion here, rather than in the form of line-by-line code review. A few broad issues have been brought up by both Paul and Frederic that sound reasonable to me, though I've not looked at the code in detail yet.

Is there any reason this wouldn't be implemented the same way as the imported entity work? Where we check for imported entities at scope construction time to decide whether to create that scope or not.

On Sun, May 24, 2015 at 9:00 AM, Amjad Aboud <amjad.aboud at intel.com<mailto:amjad.aboud at intel.com>> wrote:
Hi echristo, bkramer, dblaikie,

This patch is needed for resolving Bug 19238.
It is the first part which will be followed by D9758.

The idea is to create all debug info lexical block DIEs and add them to the DIScope->DIE map.
Latter, just before emitting the DIEs, we will search the DIE tree and collapse all redundant (useless) DIE lexical blocks.





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