[PATCH] Make it easier to use DwarfContext with MCJIT and add RelocVisitor support for Darwin

Keno Fischer kfischer at college.harvard.edu
Thu Jan 15 15:25:37 PST 2015

Well, I see three reasons for this direction over the other:

1. We can avoid relocation the debug sections. And in fact, since all this is done lazily, we only ever need to process the sections that we actually need (quite a win from a memory and performance standpoint).
2. I was never really happy with the way I ended up solving the debug object problem for MachO. A lot of things in MachO refer to the original layout of the object file and fixing them all up is a pain. It can be done, but it always feels like a hack to me. In contrast, other than the admittedly ugly need to pass the LoadedObjectInfo to the DwarfContext, this seems rather sane to me.
3. I think it improves reusability of the code. I think at some point the whole DWARF library will need to be split into a separate library (it's already duplicated between LLVM and lldb) and in other contexts people might not like to create such a debug object. Even with this patch, I imagine it might be quite possible to create a LoadedObjectInfo subclass for a different JIT and use the DWARF parser with it (admittedly this is probably a minor point).

Also note that this patch isn't actually that big. It's a little inflated by adding test cases, exposing this functionality through llvm-rtdyld and adding the missing ObjectFile methods for handling MachO relocations.




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