[PATCH] Make it easier to use DwarfContext with MCJIT and add RelocVisitor support for Darwin

Lang Hames lhames at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 15:12:20 PST 2015

Sorry - that was a bit vague of me. I should have said that I intend for getObjectForDebug to work with DWARFContext, not just the debugger.

Is creating a new object file too much overhead? We haven't gone this far in LoadedELFObjectFile yet, but rather than duplicating the original object file, I think it should be reasonable to build a new object file that just contains a symbol table and load commands.

I'm not hugely opposed to the direction of this patch. It's actually very close to what I pitched to echristo when I first cleaned up RuntimeDyld's memory ownership model. At the time though, he convinced me that it would be unpleasant to thread the optional "object interpretation metadata" through the interfaces, hence the decision to just form a new self-contained object file.




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