[llvm] r225754 - Disable a warning for self move since the test is checking for this behavior.

Richard Trieu rtrieu at google.com
Tue Jan 13 17:53:46 PST 2015

In r225931, -Wunknown-pragma has been disabled so that old versions of
Clang can still compile this test.

On Tue, Jan 13, 2015 at 1:56 PM, Chandler Carruth <chandlerc at google.com>

> On Tue, Jan 13, 2015 at 1:51 PM, David Blaikie <dblaikie at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Sonuds reasonable to me, though should we change the command line
>> behavior to match (-Wno-foobar warns with clang, but doesn't warn (except
>> when producing other errors?) with GCC)?
> I wouldn't go that far.
> I think it is reasonable for a user to have command line flags which match
> the version of the compile they use, but requiring the same of pragmas
> creates a churn and portability challenge.
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