[PATCH] Report fatal errors instead of segfaulting/asserting on a few invalid accesses while reading MachO files.

Rafael Ávila de Espíndola rafael.espindola at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 09:17:18 PST 2015

Optional bonus (can be another patch): include more information in the errors: Section index is XXX, but there are only YYY sections.

Comment at: lib/Object/MachOObjectFile.cpp:45
@@ +44,3 @@
+  if (P < O->getData().begin() || P + sizeof(T) > O->getData().end())
+    report_fatal_error("Malformed MachO file.");
There are no tests for this one. Please add one or convert this to an assert.

Comment at: lib/Object/MachOObjectFile.cpp:60
@@ -54,1 +59,3 @@
     MachO::segment_command_64 S = O->getSegment64LoadCommand(L);
+    if (S.nsects > std::numeric_limits<uint32_t>::max() / SectionSize ||
+        S.nsects * SectionSize > L.C.cmdsize - sizeof(S))
Nit. maybe avoid this bit of duplicated with a small helper template function that takes a MachO::segment_command_64 or a MachO::segment_command?



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