[PATCH] Add experimental PBQP support

Arnaud A. de Grandmaison arnaud.degrandmaison at arm.com
Fri Sep 5 13:49:57 PDT 2014

I am currently investigating the benefits the PBQP register allocator could
bring to the AArch64/A57. 


This patch adds experimental support for PBQP. The PBQP is disabled by
default, and can be enabled with the '-aarch64-pbqp' command line option to
llc when the cortex-a57 is in use.


I thought it would be a good thing to upstream this patch, as some other
people in the community could be interested in experimenting with this


It passes all the tests (LNT, spec, .), but the performance of the generated
code is not optimal yet. Expect some more patches in the coming days to
improve the performance.




Arnaud A. de Grandmaison

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