[PATCH] ARMEB: Vector extend operations

James Molloy james.molloy at arm.com
Thu Jun 12 06:28:46 PDT 2014

Hi Konrad,

No, I don't think so. As I mentioned in my previous review comment, I would like to see more explanations in the code and commit message before I'm happy.

Also, I believe you're actually editing the code that generates this VLDR/VREV pair now. So I think that for 64-bit to 128-bit vector extloads, you can just use the little-endian version, not predicate it, and make little-endian generate an LD1 instead of a LDR.

Also, I take it this affects AArch64 too?



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> Hi James,
> Would you please accept http://reviews.llvm.org/D4043 as functional OK,
> and would consider any VREV, VLD optimization as separate issue?
> Cheers,
> Conny

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