[PATCH] Add ARM big endian Target (armeb, thumbeb)

Tim Northover t.p.northover at gmail.com
Fri Mar 28 12:08:07 PDT 2014

Hi Christian,

> What do you think, should I start a new patch or revert the whole commit?

Thanks for your quick response, that's very reassuring. I don't think
there's any need to revert it at this stage, as long as the issues are

> This classes are used by the RegisterTargetMachine.

Ah yes, that makes sense now that I look properly.

> You are right, I should use it without underscore.
> But I used it similar to the _OSABI parameter.

I don't suppose you could change _OSABI at the same time? As far as
I'm concerned you can just commit a patch making that particular
change without asking for separate review. It's obviously correct.

>> + "(ARMAsmBackend.cpp:790): Thumble" looks rather like an actual word,
>> and "Thumbbe" like a 17th century typo. I'd probably capitalise the
>> BE/LE.
> You are right, I should capitalise the BE/LE.
> I think it should be changed also for ARMbe/ARMle, but it will be a long
> sequence of uppercase characters.

I agree. ARMBE/ARMLE are awkward, but personally I find them less so
than Thumbbe/Thumble. There's at least some hint that what's happening
isn't a real word.



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