[patch] Simplify the datalayout strings by using the defaults

Daniel Sanders Daniel.Sanders at imgtec.com
Fri Dec 13 08:42:36 PST 2013

I've looked at all the strings you changed and I agree that all the changes remove redundantly specified defaults. LGTM.

I also agree with Tim's observation that i64:32:64 is a strange default.

By the way, the documentation (at http://llvm.org/docs/LangRef.html#data-layout) doesn't say the default value of <pref> (in i<size>:<abi>:<pref>). It's reasonable to assume <abi> but it ought to say that. Similarly it doesn't say the meaning of <size> (in a<size>:<abi>:<pref> and s<size>:<abi>:<pref>) when it is zero or omitted. Could you add a sentence or two to explain it?

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> From: Rafael EspĂ­ndola [mailto:rafael.espindola at gmail.com]
> Sent: 11 December 2013 17:46
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> Subject: [patch] Simplify the datalayout strings by using the defaults
> The datalayout string has some useful defaults, but the targets are fairly
> inconsistent about which defaults they use.
> The attached patch drops the parts of the string that are covered by the
> defaults, making the strings quiet a bit smaller.
> Cheers,
> Rafael

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