[llvm] r194527 - delinearization of arrays

Sebastian Pop spop at codeaurora.org
Wed Nov 13 12:15:09 PST 2013


Eric Christopher wrote:
> To pile on... comments man, comments. Lots and lots of algorithm etc
> comments. 

The SCEV->delinearize algorithm computes the multiples of SCEV coefficients:
that is a pattern matching of sub expressions in the stride and base of a SCEV
corresponding to the computation of a GCD (greatest common divisor) of base and

Could you please indicate in the patch the places where you would like to see
more comments?

> Comments on whatever you're testing in the testcases since

I think the testcases are pretty explicit about what they are testing: if the
description I gave in the previous email is not enough, let me know: I can give
more details.

> right now if they start failing I'm just going to delete the pass :)

Just let me know before you do that, and I'll fix the testcases ;-)

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