[PATCH] cmake: link statically against run-time on windows (use /MT instead of /MD)

Alp Toker alp at nuanti.com
Wed Nov 13 02:31:12 PST 2013

On 13/11/2013 02:04, Hans Wennborg wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 4:30 PM, Alp Toker <alp at nuanti.com> wrote:
>> I just noticed it might make sense to do this for /MDd /MTd in _DEBUG as
>> well.
> Hmm, spontaneously I think this mostly makes sense for release builds,
> since that's what gets distributed, and I'd rather stick to the
> default for debug builds. I don't really have a strong opinion here,
> though.

Right. Let's keep DEBUG out for now then. However..

>> Also the MINSIZEREL_INIT cases that slipped in shouldn't be necessary.
> OK, I'll remove those.
>> llvm_replace_compiler_option() does a word replace so the easier way to
>> handle all cases would just be to do the replacement directly, something
>> like the following:
> I kind of like llvm_replace_compiler_option() though, because it will
> add the new option even in cases where the old option didn't exist.

I kind of like the direct replace version, just because it's what's used
in the CMake samples in cmake.git and conceivably if there's no /MD (say
when invoking the MSVC analyzer) it'd be wrong to append /MT.

I'll let you take it from here, from my POV any one of the solutions is
good and we can refine it as we go.


> Thanks,
> Hans

the browser experts

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