[llvm-commits] [PATCH] PR14471: Debug info for static data members (LLVM part)

Robinson, Paul Paul.Robinson at am.sony.com
Thu Jan 3 11:07:30 PST 2013

> Few comments:

> +  DW_TAG_CXX_static_member = 0x104,     // Tag for C++ static data member.
> there is no such tag that I've seen?

This is in enum llvm_dwarf_constants, not enum dwarf_constants.
It's one of several mock tags defined for the metadata interface;
they are not defined by DWARF.  (If the number of real DWARF tags
doubles, we'll have to renumber these to get out of the way.)

> And you don't disassemble to it either.
Not sure what you mean here.

> Also you don't use isStaticData()...
> Perhaps there's some part of the patch I'm missing?

See the Clang part of the patch, which does use isStaticDataMember().

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