[llvm-bugs] [Bug 34386] New: Please revert incomplete commit r306483 from 5.0.0 release branch (breaking clang binding tests)

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Wed Aug 30 13:40:17 PDT 2017


            Bug ID: 34386
           Summary: Please revert incomplete commit r306483 from 5.0.0
                    release branch (breaking clang binding tests)
           Product: clang
           Version: trunk
          Hardware: PC
                OS: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P
         Component: -New Bugs
          Assignee: unassignedclangbugs at nondot.org
          Reporter: mgorny at gentoo.org
                CC: llvm-bugs at lists.llvm.org
            Blocks: 33849

Please revert the following commit from the 5.0 release branch:

commit 34efc84dff3e2cb91e6afdf460a7893a4a886029
Author: Jonathan Coe <jbcoe at me.com>
Date:   Wed Jun 28 00:54:56 2017

    [libclang] Support for querying the exception specification type through

    Summary: This patch exposes the exception specification type (noexcept,
    etc.) of a C++ function through libclang and Python clang.cindex.

    Reviewers: rsmith, aaron.ballman

    Reviewed By: aaron.ballman

    Subscribers: jbcoe, cfe-commits

    Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D34091

    Patch by Andrew Bennieston

    git-svn-id: https://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/cfe/trunk@306483

The committed change references an utility module that's missing (it hasn't
been committed with the change or included in the differential revision). I've
left a comment on D34091 over a month ago and received no reply.

This incomplete commit causes a test suite failure:

Failure: ImportError (No module named 'tests.util') ... ERROR

ERROR: Failure: ImportError (No module named 'tests.util')
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib64/python3.5/site-packages/nose/failure.py", line 39, in
    raise self.exc_val.with_traceback(self.tb)
  File "/usr/lib64/python3.5/site-packages/nose/loader.py", line 419, in
    addr.filename, addr.module)
  File "/usr/lib64/python3.5/site-packages/nose/importer.py", line 47, in
    return self.importFromDir(dir_path, fqname)
  File "/usr/lib64/python3.5/site-packages/nose/importer.py", line 94, in
    mod = load_module(part_fqname, fh, filename, desc)
  File "/usr/lib64/python3.5/imp.py", line 234, in load_module
    return load_source(name, filename, file)
  File "/usr/lib64/python3.5/imp.py", line 172, in load_source
    module = _load(spec)
  File "<frozen importlib._bootstrap>", line 693, in _load
  File "<frozen importlib._bootstrap>", line 673, in _load_unlocked
  File "<frozen importlib._bootstrap_external>", line 673, in exec_module
  File "<frozen importlib._bootstrap>", line 222, in _call_with_frames_removed
line 3, in <module>
    from .util import get_tu
ImportError: No module named 'tests.util'

Ran 111 tests in 2.182s

FAILED (errors=1)

Referenced Bugs:

[Bug 33849] [meta] 5.0.0 Release Blockers
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