[lldb-dev] environment vars not passed through to linux targets

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Wed Jul 5 20:44:21 PDT 2017

Which set of env vars did you want the child process to inherit? The env
vars of the platform process on the remote?

On Wed, Jul 5, 2017 at 8:47 AM Christopher Book via lldb-dev <
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> Hi, I'm remote debugging to linux (platform select remote-linux), and then
> launching a process on the target.
> > file <my binary>
> > process launch -w /some/dir
> When I do this, the process is launched but it gets an empty list of
> environment variables.  I've confirmed that lldb and the gdb server both
> have the vars, but not the target process.
> I can manually pass environment variables to the target using the
> '--environment' flag, and this works.  But in general I need these to be
> inherited.
> Based on online comments about this working on mac, this appears to be a
> linux-specific bug?  Is this expected or known?
> Thanks,
> Chris Book
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