[lldb-dev] Note to buildbot/testbot runners

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Thu Sep 3 12:12:17 PDT 2015

Hi all,

TL;DR: if you call dosep.py directly, you'll need to modify your flow to
call dotest.py.


*dotest.py now runs in parallel test runner mode by default*

Starting with lldb svn revision 246794, if you run buildbots or testbots
and you directly called dosep.py as a build step, you'll need to replace
that with dotest.py.  You will continue to get the parallel test execution
speed improvements.  You no longer need to wrap dotest.py parameters in a
-o options block.

*dotest.py now takes an optional --no-multiprocess argument*

If you really want to run exactly like the old dotest runner, you can still
get that behavior by specifying --no-multiprocess on the dotest.py command

*dosep.py's unnamed argument (test-subdir) has moved to --test-subdir*

dosep.py's arguments have moved into dotest.py under the Parallel test
execution argument group.  The only difference is that the unnamed final
argument available in dosep.py was moved to a named argument in dotest.py
as dotest.py already used unnamed arguments for something and the collision
needed to be resolved.  The new argument that dotest.py takes, and is only
used when the test is running in parallel execution mode, is the
--test-subdir argument, handled the same way dosep.py's unnamed argument
used to work.  (test subdirectory relative to the lldb/test root, that
limits all parallel test running to the specified subdirectory tree).

While dosep.py is still around as an implementation detail, calling it
directly will now result in a stderr message and will return with a
non-zero exit code.  This is for two reasons: (1) we are no longer
supporting dosep.py as a callable test driver, and (2) the methods for
calling it have changed to support dotest.py's implementation of running
the parallel test runner and having args parsed already and passed to it.
Thus, any buildbot/testbot that directly called dosep.py is going to need
to change to call over to dotest.py.

Thanks, all!

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