[lldb-dev] " Import error: No module named embedded_interpreter" on windows

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A build with msbuild or from VS2013 using the .sln file produce the same directory structure.


The error looks a lot like what I see when I don’t have lldb_d.pyd set up correctly. It can’t load the lldb python module (a link to the shared library), so it gets cranky.


Was there an error in your build when it tried to run finishSwigWrapperClasses.py? That’s where the link gets set up.



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Are you using MSBuild or Ninja to build (i.e. are you clicking the Build Solution button in Visual Studio or running ninja from command line)?  I don't know where it puts this stuff with a VS2013 build, but with a ninja build, your directory will be organized like this:









                 |___lldb_d.pyd   // If this is a debug build, lldb.pyd if release


I'm betting you're missing the pyd file.  Can you confirm? Then we can diagnose that if it turns out to be the problem.


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Hi guys,

Can someone point me in the right direction on this . I have managed to
set up my environment on windows , compiling python2.7.10 using VS2013
and building llvm/lldb in VS2013. lldb and all its libraries build
successfully so its just when I import lldb into my python project I get
this error.

File "<string>", line 1, in <module>
Import error: No module named embedded_interpreter

  Also when I use the 'script' command in the lldb interpreter , lldb
completely crashes  with an unhandled exception in the  python
file_write  function (fileobject.c:1852)

n2 = fwrite(s, 1, n, f->f_fp);

the call to fwrite causes an access violation  . My intuition tells me
that i'm missing  a lib or something but I can't put my finger on it.
Please Help !

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