[lldb-dev] bindings as service idea

Todd Fiala via lldb-dev lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Nov 18 22:06:47 PST 2015

Hey Zachary,

I think the time pressure has gotten the better of me, so I want to
apologize for getting snippy about the static bindings of late.  I am
confident we will get to a good solution for removing that dependency, but
I can certainly wait for a solution (using an alternate approach in our
branch) until we arrive at something more palatable to everyone.

Regarding the bindings as service idea:

How quickly do you think you could flesh out the bindings as a service
idea?  With a relatively strong dislike for the static approach I'm taking,
I can back off that and just use my current code here in a downstream
branch for now.  Ultimately I want to remove the requirement for swig, but
I can probably achieve that without doing it in upstream if we're going to
have some solution there at some point ideally sooner than later.

Also - I think you were going to send me a swig 3.x binding to try out (I'd
need the LLDBWrapPythoh.cpp and the lldb.py, and you'd just need to let me
know if it still needs to be post-processed or it would need to be done).
Can we shoot for trying that out maybe tomorrow?

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