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On Wed, Dec 2, 2015 at 9:48 PM, Zachary Turner <zturner at google.com> wrote:

> On Wed, Dec 2, 2015 at 9:44 PM Todd Fiala <todd.fiala at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> and the classname could be dropped (there's only one class per file
>>> anyway, so the classname is just wasted space)
>> Part of the reason I included that is I've hit several times where copy
>> and paste errors lead to the same class name, method name or even file name
>> being used for a test.  I think, though, that most of those are addressed
>> by having the path (relative is fine) to the python test file.  I think we
>> can probably get by with classname.methodname (relative test path).  (From
>> your other email, I think you nuke the classname and keep the module name,
>> but I'd probably do the reverse, keeping the class name and getting rid of
>> the module name since it can be derived from the filename).
> I don't think the filename can be the same anymore, as things will break
> if two filenames are the same.

Maybe, but that wasn't my experience as of fairly recently.  When tracking
failures sometime within the last month, I tracked something down in a
downstream branch with two same-named files that (with the legacy output)
made it hard to track down what was actually failing given the limited info
of the legacy test summary output.  Maybe that has changed since then, but
I'm not aware of anything that would have prohibited that.

>   We could go one step further and enforce this in the part where it scans
> for all the tests.

I think I can come up with a valid counterargument to doing that.  I could
imagine some python .py files being organized hierarchically, where some of
the context of what is being tested clearly comes from the directory

Something like (I'm making this up):


where it seems totally reasonable to me to have things testing const
support (in this example) but being very different things for C and C++,
being totally uniqued by path rather than the .py file.  I'd prefer not to
require something like this to say:

as it is redundant (at least via the path hierarchy).

The other reason I could see avoiding that
unique-test-basenames-across-test-suite restriction is that it can become
somewhat of an unnecessary burden on downstream branches.  Imagine somebody
has a branch and has a test that happens to be running fine, then somebody
in llvm.org lldb adds a test with the same name.  Downstream breaks.  We
could choose to not care about that, but given that a lot of our tests will
revolve around language features accessed/provided by the debugger, and a
number of language features pull out of a limited set of feature names
(e.g. const above), I could see us sometimes hitting this.

Just one take on it.  I'm not particularly wedded to it (I probably would
avoid the confusion by doing something exactly like what I said above with
regards to tacking on the language to the test name), but I have hit this
in similar form across different language tests.

>   If it finds two test files with the same name we could just generate an
> error.  I think that's a good idea anyway, because if two test files have
> the same name, then the tests inside must be similar enough to warrant
> merging them into the same file.

Maybe, but not in the real cases I saw across different languages.  I think
for other areas of the debugger, this isn't an issue.  So maybe language
feature tests just have to know to append their language (whether it be C,
C++, ObjC, etc.)

> If no two filenames are the same, and if there's only 1 class per file,
> then filename + method name should uniquely identify a single test, and so
> you could omit the class name and show a relative path to the filename.
I think we currently have some tests that have multiple test classes in the
test file.  We could certainly verify that in TOT, and we could certainly
undo that which seems reasonable.

I'd be interested in what other people think here on restricting test names
to be unique across the repo.  I could be convinced either way on allowing
two tests with the same name, but I'd probably avoid layering on a
restriction if it is entirely artificial and requires longer test names
that are otherwise uniqued by path.

Thanks for the feedback!
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