[lldb-dev] RFC: LLVM should require a working C++11 <thread>, <mutex>, and <atomic>

Óscar Fuentes ofv at wanadoo.es
Wed Sep 24 07:30:49 PDT 2014

"writeonce at midipix.org"
<writeonce at midipix.org> writes:

> One important point you seem to be missing is the ability to
> cross-compile API/CRT software on Windows with a clang.exe which does
> not depend on msvcrt.exe.

Why we would want to do that? (Moreover, considering that LLVM/Clang is
expected to work with MSVC++ which, obviously, depends on msvcrt as
MinGW does.)

>  From a technical perspective (and also with
> respect to many of its goals), the project differs from Cygwin in
> virtually every possible way (some key differences, as well as the
> distinction between mingw as a target and a libc++ _for_ mingw, can be
> found in my original message).

Let's see. Suppossing a LLVM/libClang that uses that libc on Windows, my
software that links to LLVM/libClang must use libc too, right?

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