[lldb-dev] RFC: LLVM should require a working C++11 <thread>, <mutex>, and <atomic>

Óscar Fuentes ofv at wanadoo.es
Wed Sep 24 07:25:59 PDT 2014

Szabolcs Nagy <nsz at port70.net> writes:

> * ?scar Fuentes <ofv at wanadoo.es> [2014-09-24 14:35:17 +0200]:
>> MinGW(-w64) is not about compiling "portable" Linux software on Windows,
>> it is about compiling Windows API/CRT software on Windows, just like the
>> MSVC++ toolchain.
> the problem with mingw is that it does not implement the posix

Why should MinGW support POSIX? It is a Windows toolchain. Is it a
problem that MSVC++ does not support POSIX too?

> api and
> thus code is littered with ifdefs or abstraction layers (which are
> usually broken), llvm has its own share of ugly and broken ifdefs

A library is portable when it runs on top of the target APIs, not when
it requires to install emulation layers that force the library user to
migrate his software to that emulation layer.


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