[lldb-dev] Trouble with 'target modules search-paths...'

Aidan Dodds aidan at codeplay.com
Thu Mar 27 05:15:58 PDT 2014

Hi Greg,

Thanks for the reply.
That was my impression also, that it was there to try to resolve missing 

I have started to unravel the problem that I am seeing, but my knowledge 
is still patchy with regards to some of the workings of Target.

When I attach to my process, the DynamicLoaders DidAttach() method 
fires.  This enumerates the target module and calls 
Target::SetSectionLoadAddress() for
each section found.  Thus it seems the Target::m_section_load_history 
member is populated by the dynamic loader.

Next, I set the search path, which fires the 
Target::ImageSearchPathsChanged() callback.  Part of this process is to 
call Target::ClearModules(), which
runs m_section_load_history.Clear();  Clearing all of the information on 
the loaded sections.

After this process, the dynamic loader never gets the chance to rebuild 
Thus things like Target::ResolveLoadAddress() will fail.

Do you have any suggestions for a clean way to fix this problem?

It seems to me one way would be to add a new method to Target, which 
would resolve any currently unloaded modules, without unloading 
everything that is already loaded.
This could then be called instead from 
Target::ImageSearchPathsChanged(), instead of unloading and reloading 
the executable to get the same effect.

Does that sound right?


On 26/03/2014 18:14, Greg Clayton wrote:
> I believe it is assuming that by loading the module again, any shared libraries that weren't found could now be located. Lets say you loaded some file:
> (lldb) file a.out
> (lldb) image list
> a.out
> Only 1 file was found, even though a.out said it depended on /usr/lib/libfoo.so and /usr/lib/libbar.so...
> Then you modify the search paths, and then
> (lldb) file a.out
> (lldb) target modules search-paths add . d:/foo
> (lldb) image list
> a.out
> d:/libfoo.so
> d:/libbar.so
> This is probably what the intent was. So try doing a "image list" before and after and see what differs.
> On Mar 25, 2014, at 9:44 AM, Aidan Dodds <aidan at codeplay.com> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I have been experiencing some problems when using the following command:
>> (lldb) target modules search-paths add . d:/foo
>> My intent is to set the folder for LLDB to locate any shared object files that the gdbremote target may load via dlopen().
>> After issuing the above command all of the loaded sections in the target executable seems to be missing, and I am unable to
>> find a LoadAddresses for any symbols etc.
>> I have come across the code below, from "source/Target/Target.cpp at line:1748"
>> void
>> Target::ImageSearchPathsChanged
>> (
>>     const PathMappingList &path_list,
>>     void *baton
>> )
>> {
>>     Target *target = (Target *)baton;
>>     ModuleSP exe_module_sp (target->GetExecutableModule());
>>     if (exe_module_sp)
>>         target->SetExecutableModule (exe_module_sp, true);
>> }
>> When I disable this code then everything works as expected for me.
>> I am wondering what the intent of this code is?
>> or does anyone have any ideas why I would be seeing such problems?
>> Thanks,
>> Aidan
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