[lldb-dev] LLDB kernel panic on OSX

Andrew MacPherson andrew.macp at gmail.com
Tue Jan 7 04:14:51 PST 2014


I've tried building the latest LLDB + LLVM from trunk on two different OSX
machines running Lion (10.7.5) and the resulting lldb binary seems to cause
a kernel panic when run. I'm not an OSX developer normally so it's quite
possible that I'm doing something wrong and I'm wondering if anyone has any

I have tried with both clang 3.2 (the default for Xcode 4.6) as well as
clang 3.3 from MacPorts with the following configure line:

./configure --enable-optimized --enable-assertions --enable-cxx11

The lldb binary can be run but crashes when trying to launch a process.

lldb /usr/bin/python
(lldb) r
<kernel panic>

Any ideas are welcome.

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