[lldb-dev] update: lldb-gdbserver on x86_64 linux

Ed Maste emaste at freebsd.org
Wed Feb 5 08:49:18 PST 2014

On 15 January 2014 20:25, Todd Fiala <tfiala at google.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm finally getting some cycles to put on lldb-gdbserver for x86_64 linux.
> I created a dummy looping exe (never exits), ran lldb_gdbserver against it
> in a terminal on my (local) x86_64 Ubuntu 12.04, turned on all logging, and
> attached from the (local) x86_64 Ubuntu 12.04 with top of tree as of
> yesterday.  My only diffs at the moment are enabling lldb-gdbserver to build
> under linux and x86_64, and commenting out an assert that doesn't seem to
> make sense that always hits when starting up lldb-gdbserver.

This is the assert (g_swig_init_callback != NULL) in
ScriptInterpreterPython.cpp?  After removing that and adding the
subdirectory to tools/CMakeLists.txt I can build and run
lldb-gdbserver on FreeBSD, and a basic sanity test works fine (e.g.,
target create /bin/ls, b main, run, c).

> ...
> I'll start digging into these.  I'll flip on building of lldb-gdbserver for
> x86_64 as soon as I have it doing anything more than just the above.

I'd be happy to have it added to the default build now (or once the
assert is sorted out) - I don't see a downside beyond a trivial amount
of extra build time.

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