[lldb-dev] Host::LaunchProcess vs. ProcessPlugin::DoLaunch

Jean-Daniel Dupas mailing at xenonium.com
Sat Aug 9 00:30:14 PDT 2014

Here is a discussion that may give you some answers:


For the record, I wrote a process plugin, and end-up not having to implements the Process:DoLaunch method at all.
On OS X, all processes are launched by the platform which then call DoAttach. So the Process::DoLaunch code path is never use.

Le 9 août 2014 à 02:14, Zachary Turner <zturner at google.com> a écrit :

> Why are there different code paths for launching a process through these two methods?  Shouldn't there just be one codepath for launching a process?
> I've implemented a very primitive process launch for Windows in ProcessPluginWindows::DoLaunch, but now I'm running into cases where tests are failing because Host::LaunchProcess isn't implemented yet on Windows.  What do I need to understand about the differences between these two codepaths to make sure I implement the two correctly?  And is there perhaps a way to refactor some of this code so that all of the process-spawning code lives in the same place, and the launch args are flexible enough to support all of the different use cases?
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