[lldb-dev] Current status of lldb-platform

Malea, Daniel daniel.malea at intel.com
Fri Oct 4 08:59:19 PDT 2013

Hi Aidan, sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately no over-arching design
doc exists, but your understanding is generally correct.

The implementation is still somewhat incomplete as lldb-platform relies on
the GDBRemoteCommunication[Server|Client] classes to pass messages back
and forth with the frontend. To get a sense of the design direction, take
a look at docs/lldb-gdb-remote.txt for a more complete list of messages
that LLDB supports in addition to the standard GDB-server protocol.
Although keep in mind only some of these are implemented by lldb-platform.

When lldb-platform is complete, it will implement a superset of the
functionality that is currently provided by the (currently mac-os-x only)
debugserver tool. However, you're right, right now lldb-platform is useful
for transferring files, querying system/OS information, and running
arbitrary shell commands, not debugging things directly.

Hope that helps. Greg may have more information about the lldb-platform
tool as he was involved in it's development, I was only involved in the
commit :)


On 2013-10-02 6:18 AM, "Aidan Dodds" <aidan at codeplay.com> wrote:

>I am wondering if anyone could bring me up to speed on the current
>status of lldb-platform?
>Is there a doc somewhere that describes its design, intended use, etc...
>After examining the source there are still many things which are not
>My basic understanding is that it should act like a daemon on a target
>machine, letting a remote host communicate with it to spawn debug
>servers and transfer files back and forth.  Is this correct?
>Aidan Dodds
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