[lldb-dev] Merging/Unification of windows and trunk builds

Virgile Bello virgile.bello at gmail.com
Sun Aug 25 05:53:25 PDT 2013


Many of the changes in the windows branches are actually contained in this
patch (r189107).
Did you have any changes on top of the windows branch?

Since I work on the same stuff currently, I better lay out what I am doing
and what's my current  current status, so that there is no duplication of
efforts. I hope we can work together on this!

I recently restarted the windows port from scratch using what's already
been done in the windows branch to first support MinGW and then MSVC with
incremental changes, so that it can be merged step by step into trunk (much
more easy to get it merged than a single huge patch).

Also, a MinGW build is useful since it could be more easily added to the
buildbot and test suite.
And since MinGW and MSVC changes have many common parts, I figured it would
be good to do both of them in the proper order (more easy to add MSVC on
top of MinGW than the opposite -- windows branch was only targeting MSVC as
far as I know, so it wasn't making difference between #ifdef _WIN32 and
#ifdef _MSC_VER).

The first MinGW patch just got accepted, but I still got the MSVC patch
that I need to clean up and get reviewed.

Hopefully this should result in a much smaller and cleaner patch for MSVC,
since it was done together with MinGW changes in mind. Also it should avoid
the merging (which might be difficult on top of latest changes and MinGW

Note that the MinGW patch also includes some changes that were not part of
the windows branch to provide a better windows support (esp. file case
resolution, etc...).

I currently target MSVC12 since it is supposed to have better C++11
support, but going from MSVC12 to MSVC11 is only a few changes.

If everybody is OK to go this way, most of the windows branch will end up
being merged.
If people are interested in helping, I could publish the branch so we could
work on it together.

After that there might still be some changes in the windows branch that I
didn't do, so it would be good to evaluate what's left (but probably not so

As soon as python support is added, the lldb executable and the test suite
should work as well.

Now, I happen to be working on the
lldbProcessWindows/lldbDynamicLibraryWindows plugins. Many features are
working (stack trace, breakpoints, stepping, disassembly, threads, locals,
I currently use it in a MSVC DebugEngine plugin. It's still early stage but
it's starting to work.

Let me know what you think!


>I just checked the the MinGW patch was submitted with revision 189107.
>So you can now merge top of tree into the windows branch and start
submitting patches.
>A few things to keep in mind are that any windows (host specific) features
need to be abstracted into the lldb_private::Host layer in a system
agnostic interface. The files that implement the features should be in
source/Host/windows. The only exceptions is in the .cpp files of plugins
(like ConnectionFileDescriptor.cpp) where it is ok, in the .cpp file, to
add windows specific function calls and logic.
>I look forward to seeing the upcoming patches and getting windows support
into top of tree.
>On Aug 23, 2013, at 9:28 AM, Greg Clayton <gclayton at apple.com> wrote:
>> On Aug 23, 2013, at 9:03 AM, Colin Riley <colin at codeplay.com> wrote:
>>> Hello all, Codeplay reporting in.
>>> We want to do the merge and unification between the windows and trunk
branches of LLDB. We are doing lots of work with LLDB and it seems the most
sensible thing do to given the amount of effort we currently undertake to
maintain both branches locally.
>>> Obviously the merge must not break the buildbots currently running on
the non-windows target. Additionally, the tests do not run at all under
windows, which is an issue we will need to look into solving. It will be
difficult given the fact the windows branch itself will not be able to
actually debug on windows, however we'd like to do this to the point where
the windows branch can be closed.
>>> Our questions to folk on here: what would be accepted in terms of
support for this? It could be quite a large patch, and touch many areas,
but it is something that needs done to further advance LLDB support for
other architectures and platforms. It will also include changes to the
driver so a command line frontend is available for windows.
>> We currently have a MinGW patch that is in the process of trying to get
submitted, so I would hold off on any commits/patches until this makes it
in. The patch is currently causing deadlocks on linux buildbots. Once this
is in, we can then merge top of tree with the windows branch prior to
submitting patches for the final windows merge that will allow us to remove
the windows branch.
>>> Are there any reservations folk have for this, and if so, can we
overcome them?
>> So first we need to get the MinGW patch submitted, then we can proceed.
>> Greg
>>> Many thanks,
>>> Colin
>>> (cc'd with Deepak, who is also involved with this)
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