[lldb-dev] Merging/Unification of windows and trunk builds

Colin Riley colin at codeplay.com
Fri Aug 23 09:03:06 PDT 2013

Hello all, Codeplay reporting in.

We want to do the merge and unification between the windows and trunk 
branches of LLDB. We are doing lots of work with LLDB and it seems the 
most sensible thing do to given the amount of effort we currently 
undertake to maintain both branches locally.

Obviously the merge must not break the buildbots currently running on 
the non-windows target. Additionally, the tests do not run at all under 
windows, which is an issue we will need to look into solving. It will be 
difficult given the fact the windows branch itself will not be able to 
actually debug on windows, however we'd like to do this to the point 
where the windows branch can be closed.

Our questions to folk on here: what would be accepted in terms of 
support for this? It could be quite a large patch, and touch many areas, 
but it is something that needs done to further advance LLDB support for 
other architectures and platforms. It will also include changes to the 
driver so a command line frontend is available for windows.

Are there any reservations folk have for this, and if so, can we 
overcome them?

Many thanks,

(cc'd with Deepak, who is also involved with this)

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