[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D57809: [build.py] Add `VCINSTALLDIR` to default variables

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Wed Feb 6 01:53:46 PST 2019

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I don't think this should be necessary. Based on my experiments, the fact whether clang-cl defines `char32_t` depends on the version of visual studio it is emulating (`-fms-compatibility-version`). For instance I can do this:

  $ cat /tmp/a.cc 
  char32_t XX;
  $ bin/clang-cl /tmp/a.cc /GS- /GR- /c -fms-compatibility-version=18
  /tmp/a.cc(1,1) :  error: unknown type name 'char32_t'
  char32_t XX;
  1 error generated.
  $ bin/clang-cl /tmp/a.cc /GS- /GR- /c -fms-compatibility-version=19
  $ bin/clang-cl /tmp/a.cc /GS- /GR- /c

So, what I suspect is happening is that clang uses %VCINSTALLDIR% to detect the MSVC version, and then sets the compatibility based on that. If the detected version is high enough, `char32_t` will be automatically defined. The interesting part is that, for me, the default version seems to be high enough that even without any special setting `char32_t` "just works". However, I'm on linux, so the differences could be due to that.

So I think this is good news. I hope all that's needed here is to get `build.py` to add the -fms-compatibility thingy and things should work. Until we actually need to vary this version, I think we can just unconditionally add that flag to all clang-cl invocations in build.py.




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