[Lldb-commits] [lldb] r303907 - Fix bug #28898

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Tue May 30 09:02:06 PDT 2017

christos at zoulas.com (Christos Zoulas) wrote on 30.05.2017 17:46:58:

> I am sorry to say that this is my fault and this sucks. I accepted
> some patches that broke binary compatibility in a way that it is not
> user visible. Basically you seem to have version of libedit that is
> between the narrow one that works, and the wide one that has the
> binary compatibility of the wide code removed.
> | I managed to debug a bit myself, and I think the problem is this:
> Yes, this is correct. Basically your version of libedit handles
> properly the narrow char read function and breaks if it is defined
> as a wide char. if your histedit header does not have EL_ALIAS_TEXT
> defined, you can check for that define too and not use the wide read
> if that is not defined. Unfortunately there was no other change in
> the version that would help differentiating the two libedit versions.
> To fix this properly we would require an updated version of libedit.

Hmm, from looking at the version of libedit I'm using it would
appear that it should correctly handle either:
- a narrow char read function installed via el_set; or
- a wide char read function installed via el_wset
which seems reasonable to me at first glance.

However, LLDB currently uses a wide char read function but installs
it with el_set, which is what breaks.  This would seem to be rather
a LLDB problem, or am I missing something?

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