[cfe-dev] [RFC] Adding a different mode of "where clang spends time" reporting (timeline/flamegraph style)

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Wed Jan 23 12:41:35 PST 2019

On Wed, Jan 23, 2019, 02:00 Reid Kleckner via cfe-dev <
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> This is pretty cool!
> I think the question is, "what next"? I don't really want to say "merge it
> right away!", because then we will have two systems for generating time
> reports, but I also don't want to send you off into the hills to refactor
> the existing Timer to support both output formats, and then decide what to
> do with all the fine-grained timers geared towards compiler developers.
> Would you be interested in working in that that direction, or would you
> rather hand the code off to someone else to try to integrate it more
> tightly?
> I feel like right now C++ users don't have a lot of visibility into build
> performance, so it ends up falling to specialist toolchain people to go and
> debug these problems. If we made it easy to see into the performance of
> compilation, it would democratize build time optimization, letting
> generalists do these kinds of codebase cleanups. At least, I hope it will.
> :)

This. I've spent so much time trying to visualize build times based on
incomplete data. I couldn't agree more.

- Kim
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