[cfe-dev] BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=True breaks some tests

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Tue Jan 8 14:44:31 PST 2019

On Tue, Jan 8, 2019 at 5:14 PM David Greene <dag at cray.com> wrote:

> "Joel E. Denny via cfe-dev" <cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org> writes:
> > Do other Clang developers find BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=True useful? Do you
> > see the above failures? Should there be a bot to test that build
> > configuration?
> I don't use BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=True

One point I'd like to understand is why more people don't use it.  Were you
not aware of it, or is it just not beneficial enough to you?  I was very
happy to reduce a nearly 4-minute rebuild after a minor change to ~31 sec.
Especially when I have to do that repeatedly, that time difference can
determine whether I decide to switch contexts or stay focused.

> but if that's a supported option, it
> should be tested.
> This argument will, of course, lead to an explosion of builders, as the
> set of combinations of cmake variables is very large.  It would be
> useful to gather the various configurations people use and see if there
> is a set of common-ish combinations that is small enough to regularly
> test.
> We build with RTTI and exceptions enabled and I'll bet there are others
> out there that do the same.  But AFAIK there are no bots testing those
> options.

To reduce the configuration space, we could consider combining orthogonal
options under a single builder.  That could make debugging some fails a
little harder, but it might be worthwhile as it would provide more coverage
with less builders.



>                              -David
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