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David Greene via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Oct 22 08:31:30 PDT 2018

I had a short side-conversation at one of the roundtables about existing
users of the subproject repositories.  It would be helpful to have
instructions about the best way to move local branches in those
repositories to the monorepo and some scripts to help with the
transition.  I know someone posted an example project a while ago with
some scripts but my sense is that those scripts were particular to that
project and maybe not generally applicable.

Once the monorepo goes live (tomorrow?), what happens to the existing
subproject mirrors?  Do they get wiped away and replaced with history
from the monorepo?  Or are entirely new mirrors created?  Or do they
just continue to mirror SVN until SVN becomes read-only?

The first option would essentially be a rewrite of history for the
subproject repositories.  We'll need to know if/when that is going to


Jonas Hahnfeld via Openmp-dev <openmp-dev at lists.llvm.org> writes:

> (+openmp-dev, they should know about this!)
> Recapping the "Concerns"
> (https://llvm.org/docs/Proposals/GitHubMove.html#id12) there is a
> proposal of "single-subproject Git mirrors" for people who are only
> contributing to standalone subprojects. I think this will be easy in
> the transition period, we can just continue to move the current
> official git mirrors. Will this "service" be continued after GitHub
> becomes the 'one source of truth'? I'd strongly vote for yes, but I'm
> not sure how that's going to work on a technical level.
> Thanks,
> Jonas
> On 2018-10-20 03:14, Tom Stellard via llvm-dev wrote:
>> On 10/19/2018 05:47 PM, Tom Stellard via lldb-dev wrote:
>>> TLDR: Official monorepo repository will be published on
>>> Tuesday, Oct 23, 2018.  After this date, you should modify
>>> your workflows to use the monorepo ASAP.  Current workflows
>>> will be supported for at most 1 more year.
>>> Hi,
>>> We had 2 round-tables this week at the Developer Meeting to
>>> discuss the SVN to GitHub migration, and I wanted to update
>>> the rest of the community on what we discussed.
>>> The most important outcome from that meeting is that we
>>> now have a timeline for completing the transition which looks
>>> like this:
>> Step 1:
>>> Tues Oct 23, 2018:
>>> The latest monorepo prototype[1] will be moved over to the LLVM
>>> organization github project[2] and will begin mirroring the current
>>> SVN repository.  Commits will still be made to the SVN repository
>>> just as they are today.
>>> All community members should begin migrating their workflows that
>>> rely on SVN or the current git mirrors to use the new monorepo.
>>> For CI jobs or internal mirrors pulling from SVN or
>>> http://llvm.org/git/*.git you should modify them to pull from
>>> the new monorepo and also to deal with the new repository
>>> layout.
>>> For Developers, you should begin using the new monorepo
>>> for your development and using the provided scripts[3]
>>> to commit your code.  These scripts will allow to commit
>>> to SVN from the monorepo without using git-svn
>> Sorry hit send before I was done.  Here is the rest of the mail:
>> Step 2:
>> Around the time of next year's developer meeting (1 year at the most),
>> we will turn off commit access to the SVN server and enable commit
>> access to the monorepo.  At this point the monorepo will become the
>> 'one source of truth' for the project.  Community members *must* have
>> updated their workflows by this date and are encouraged to begin
>> updating workflows ASAP.
>> A lot of people asked at the developer meeting about the future
>> of bugzilla and phabricator and whether or not we will use
>> github issues and pull requests.  These are important questions,
>> but are unrelated to the migration of the code.
>> We also came up with a TODO list for things we want to accomplish
>> as a community in the next year and beyond related to github.  I
>> am working on putting these into bugzilla so we can track progress
>> better and I will send a follow-up email about this.
>> -Tom
>>> [1] https://github.com/llvm-git-prototype/llvm>> [2] https://github.com/llvm/>> [3]
>>> https://llvm.org/docs/GettingStarted.html#for-developers-to-work-with-a-git-monorepo>>
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