[cfe-dev] Building Clang on Windows

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Sun Oct 7 06:22:15 PDT 2018

Sorry to barge in.

>> I remember doing so at one point when I was still using Windows, and
>> my system much more responsive overall. But that was ~10 years ago and I
>> guess it's not a common setup.

10 years ago does not seem very relevant, both Windows and VS are very
different now. Also "... found my system much more responsive overall ..."
very much sounds like placebo/snake-oil.

>> If msbuild is 32-bit, why would that cause the (64-bit?) cl.exe process
>> run out of memory?

I doubt msbuild is allocating much memory at all, but is the 64-bit version
of cl.exe being called from msbuild? You need to up the build output so you
can see what compiler is being called. Sounds like ninja is calling the
64-bit version, while msbuild is (could be, I'm speculating) using the
32-bit version to cross-build [and runs out of addressable space]. The VS
defaults are all 32-bit.

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