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Mon Jul 2 13:09:10 PDT 2018

I do get the bulk delivery (in which, I saw somebody who responded), so
iI'm just writing a new email (with same subject), from scratch (and hope
for the best).

> I suspect the issue is going to be that no one has been effected enough
by this issue to be motivated to fix it.  However, I know that any patch
contributed to fix this would be welcomed favorably.

This is a bit of the chicken and the egg problem. But if you look on GH,
you'll see that with one simple search there are already 3 projects trying
to deal with this issue. As long as nobody makes it work, vs-users will
have a possibly too big hurdle to pass. I personally don't have a problem,
until LLVM 8, it'll keep working, and then it's a matter of changing 7 to 8
in a few files, that's not where the problem lies.

Another issue is f.e. that currently it is not possible to use lld (to take
advantage of thin-lto) from the IDE. I'm reasonably confident MS is willing
to cooperate to make that possible. So, this is a blocking issue.

*"If something cannot go on forever, it will stop" - Herbert Stein*
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