[cfe-dev] Does SourceLocation need more documentation?

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> I never felt that I completely understood the code I wrote/reviewed in
> tools dealing with SourceLocation. And clangd has had several bugs that
> boil down to wrong locations in the presence of macros.
> I couldn't find a good guide for how to think about them, so I spent a
> while reading the source code and wrote a tool to visualize them, which
> helped me a lot:
>   https://imgur.com/f3cXp7E

More documentation is always good, but I for one have no idea what's going
on in that image, and I like to think that I mostly understand
SourceLocation :-)

> (black edges are expansion, yellow edges are source)
> Did I miss some documentation of this concept?
> Would it be worth writing up an article illustrated with some examples, to
> add to llvm.org? Maybe this is niche or well-understood, interested in
> what others think.
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