[cfe-dev] [LLVMdev] [RFC] Ideas on improving Compiler-RT CMake

Duncan P. N. Exon Smith dexonsmith at apple.com
Tue Jun 2 13:38:12 PDT 2015

> On 2015-Jun-01, at 19:47, Chris Bieneman <beanz at apple.com> wrote:
>> If we drop support for building compiler-rt with GCC, this gets even simpler. Compiler-rt is *Clang's* runtime library, after all.
> I don’t know if it is on the table to drop supporting compiler-rt with GCC, but that would dramatically simplify things.

Weird, I'd assumed building compiler-rt with something other than
clang was unsupported.  Maybe I'm missing something, but shouldn't
the only supported configuration be building with the just-built

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