[cfe-dev] MPI-Checker - Static Analyzer

Alexander Droste alexander.ra.droste at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 2 07:41:00 PDT 2015

Hi everyone,

because of the code being part of my bachelor thesis,
I have to delay sending the patch and doing a review
until my thesis is submitted.
Thanks again for all the encouraging response.

Best regards,

On 02.06.15 00:35, Alexander Droste wrote:
> Hi Hal,
> thanks a lot for your motivating response!
> I'm not very experienced in code reviews but I'd be excited to take the
> chance and of course I'd love to see this upstream too :D.
> Best regards,
> Alex
> On 30.05.15 17:35, Hal Finkel wrote:
>> Hi Alex,
>> Thanks for posting this! If you're willing to go through the code
>> review process (which might include breaking it into pieces), and Ted,
>> et al., agree, I'd love to see this functionality upstream. Not only
>> may it be great example code (I'll let Ted and Anna make that
>> determination), but MPI is *the* critical interface for almost all
>> large-scale parallel scientific programming, and the potential
>> audience for this checker is sizable. I'm certainly willing to help
>> with the code review as well.
>> I'll mention for those unfamiliar, that MPI is an active
>> committee-developed specification
>> (http://mpi-forum.org/docs/docs.html) for high-performance message
>> passing with numerous implementations (both open source and from many
>> vendors). The first version of the specification was published in
>> 1994, and the latest version published in 2012.
>>   -Hal
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>>> Subject: [cfe-dev] MPI-Checker - Static Analyzer
>>> Hi everyone,
>>> I've written a Static Analyzer Checker for MPI code
>>> which is published on GitHub https://github.com/0ax1/MPI-Checker.
>>> Aside from those wanting to analyze their MPI code maybe this could
>>> also
>>> be useful for people starting to write their own checker.
>>> Best regards,
>>> Alex
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