[cfe-dev] MPI-Checker - Static Analyzer

Alexander Droste alexander.ra.droste at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 1 15:35:50 PDT 2015

Hi Hal,

thanks a lot for your motivating response!
I'm not very experienced in code reviews but I'd be excited to take the 
chance and of course I'd love to see this upstream too :D.

Best regards,

On 30.05.15 17:35, Hal Finkel wrote:
> Hi Alex,
> Thanks for posting this! If you're willing to go through the code review process (which might include breaking it into pieces), and Ted, et al., agree, I'd love to see this functionality upstream. Not only may it be great example code (I'll let Ted and Anna make that determination), but MPI is *the* critical interface for almost all large-scale parallel scientific programming, and the potential audience for this checker is sizable. I'm certainly willing to help with the code review as well.
> I'll mention for those unfamiliar, that MPI is an active committee-developed specification (http://mpi-forum.org/docs/docs.html) for high-performance message passing with numerous implementations (both open source and from many vendors). The first version of the specification was published in 1994, and the latest version published in 2012.
>   -Hal
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>> Hi everyone,
>> I've written a Static Analyzer Checker for MPI code
>> which is published on GitHub https://github.com/0ax1/MPI-Checker.
>> Aside from those wanting to analyze their MPI code maybe this could
>> also
>> be useful for people starting to write their own checker.
>> Best regards,
>> Alex
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