[cfe-dev] RFC: A Great Renaming of Things (or: Let's Repaint ALL the Bikesheds!)

Robinson, Paul Paul_Robinson3 at playstation.sony.com
Tue Nov 27 15:03:27 PST 2012

> Are there other names that are poor choices and are lingering in our
> codebases? I'm willing to sign up to do more renames while I'm at
> this, so this is a chance to get someone else to do the heavy lifting.
> =]

Class names too, not just file/directory names?
I've been trolling through the integrated assembler lately, and had a
real "can't tell the players without a program" experience with some
class names that really imply the wrong hierarchical relationships.

// Doesn't start off too badly.
// But no [Win]COFFObjectWriter (don't expect you to change that!)

// Then we get to the target-specific bits...
    <arch>ELFObjectWriter // <arch> = X86, MBlaze, ARM, Mips, PPC
// Note the subclasses do not have "Target" in the name.
// Which makes them look like subclasses of ELFObjectWriter.

// And now a special special case.
MCWinCOFFObjectTargetWriter // in MCWinCOFFObjectWriter.h
// Subclass name makes it look like it ought to be a subclass of the
// (nonexistent) [Win]COFFObjectWriter.


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