[cfe-dev] about OpenACC support, Preprocessor and pragma handlers in general

Maroudas Manolis kapamaroo at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 10:33:48 PST 2012

> What's the motivation for this work?  Is it that you lack access to the
> desired target backend/runtime or you're doing research and just
> short-cut/easy/don't care about production robustness.

We are currently doing some research in my University on Heterogeneous Computing and we work on OpenCL. I am interested in 
developing a tool which gives access to our tools without requiring the programmer to mess with OpenCL directly, letting them to 
use higher level structures to express the parallelization in a program (exactly what OpenACC tries to achieve).

As I am an undergraduate student yet, I am doing this project mainly for research, yes :)
Also, I would like to get involved into clang's development.

> I don't want to pee on anyone's party, but have you considered at all
> how difficult it will be to
> 1) Validate the results
> 2) Debug this when things go sideways
> 3) Will it ever need to play nice with MPI in a clustered environment
> 4) Performance tuning or even profiling

As our research continues we are working on them too! :)

> PathScale has OpenACC/AMP/OpenMP/CUDA support in clang and are pretty
> liberal with research groups that would want private access.  Email me
> privately if interested.

I am particularly interested in compiler technologies and code transformation tools. I will take a look at Pathscale's tools on 
my free time. A quick search gives me the following two links:


Thank you very much,

Maroudas Manolis

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