[cfe-dev] CLang issue: Weird crashes in _Unwind_resume?

Kent Williams nkwmailinglists at gmail.com
Tue May 22 09:20:32 PDT 2012

I have this project that I can't see how to boil down into a cut down
illustration of the problem as it requires a large 3rd party library
(ITK www.itk.org), and the problem is actually triggered in that
library.  But here is the problem:  If you compile ITK and the
program, it will segfault in _Unwind_resume at the end of a class
method.  If you build with GCC (4.6.1 in this case) the program passes
all regression tests.

In gdb, it's really difficult to see what's going on.  For one thing
it looks like CLang++ is rearranging code even if the -g flag is given
-- the execution cursor jumps around in the source code display. And
of course, there's no source to look at for Unwind_Resume.

So I'm asking if anyone else has seen something like this issue?  Is
this a problem with our program, with ITK, or with CLang++?

FYI This occurs with the last ITK release -- 3.2.1 -- and doesn't
occur with ITK 4.1

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