[cfe-dev] RFC: "Building with MinGW on Windows" (DOC, 2ND TRY)

Mikael Lyngvig mikael at lyngvig.org
Mon Jun 18 05:04:18 PDT 2012

Thanks for your feedback!

I will include the official MinGW64 site - and then drop the Drangon site
for now.  I simply had trouble finding the executables because I was
looking for a 64-bit build of MinGW64, but apparently it is only officially
supported as a 32-bit build.  Perhaps my problems with Clang++ and MinGW64
will go away once I try out the official channels :-)

Is it okay if we switch so I mention TortoiseSVN instead of SlikSVN then?
 I am desperately trying to keep the doc as simple as possible.

I used to have a section on that, but the annoying thing is that in MinGW32
it is called mingw32-make.exe and in MinGW64 it is called make.exe.
 Perhaps we should simply wait to check in the document until such a time
that Ninja on Windows is officially supported by CMake?  Kitware posted a
note saying that CMake now supports Ninja on Windows in the CMake test
suite so it will be part of the next release of CMake.  I think it would be
very sad to have to cover three different build tools because then the
document ends up being almost as complex as it was before I split out the
test and buildbot slave stuff.  And GNU Make seems to have a problem with
that it is not utilizing the CPU 100 percent (even when -jN is specified,
where N is the number of cores or twice that number), whereas Ninja has no
problems with this.

No problem, it is the least I can do since I don't feel knowledgable enough
about LLVM and Clang to actually code on them.  I plan to spend quite some
time converting existing HTML documents verbatim into Sphinx later on.

> Generally, I think this looks very good!  A few nit-picks:
>    1. You should probably list the somewhat-more-popular mingw64
>    distributions available from:  http://mingw-w64.sourceforge.net/
>    2. You may want to mention TortoiseSVN as an alternative to SlikSVN,
>    as that seems to be a popular choice
>    3. As much as I like Ninja, I would add a section on mingw32-make as
>    that is the only "official" build choice at the moment ("official" meaning
>    supported by CMake developers)
> Thanks for working on this!
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