[cfe-dev] [OpenCL patch] kernel attributes implementation

Benyei, Guy guy.benyei at intel.com
Thu Jan 5 00:30:31 PST 2012

Hi Anton,
The error I've added in SemaType.cpp is related to the case, when the user defines an unknown identifier as vec_type_hint attribute. In this case in OpenCL, ConvertDeclSpecToType will do something like this:

try.cl:1:39: error: type name requires a specifier or qualifier
__kernel __attribute__((vec_type_hint(mmm))) void foo( void ){}
try.cl:1:39: warning: type specifier missing, defaults to 'int'
__kernel __attribute__((vec_type_hint(mmm))) void foo( void ){}
try.cl:1:44: error: expected identifier or '('
__kernel __attribute__((vec_type_hint(mmm))) void foo( void ){}
1 warning and 2 errors generated.

I think the warning above is totally wrong in the context of OpenCL, and should be an error, as written in the C99 specs. Anyhow, this case leads to a failure, but I thought it would make the messages a bit more understandable.

I have only one remark for this patch:

@@ -1356,6 +1356,10 @@ public:
   void GenerateCode(GlobalDecl GD, llvm::Function *Fn,
                     const CGFunctionInfo &FnInfo);
+  void EmitOpenCLKernelMetadata(const FunctionDecl *FD, 
+                                llvm::Function *Fn);
   void StartFunction(GlobalDecl GD, QualType RetTy,
                      llvm::Function *Fn,
                      const CGFunctionInfo &FnInfo,

EmitOpenCLKernelMetadata should be private, here it is public.

Except that, it looks good to me.

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Hi Guy,

We've done the merge (including your most recent test using regular expressions).  Please review if anything is missing.

I don't quite understand this change (in lib/Sema/SemaType.cpp):

+      } else if (S.getLangOptions().OpenCL) {
+        S.Diag(DeclLoc, diag::err_missing_type_specifier_opencl)
+          << DS.getSourceRange();
+        declarator.setInvalidType(true);

Could you please explain how it relates to the kernel attributes?

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