[cfe-dev] Chrome/mac is all-clang, all-the-time

Christopher Jefferson chris at bubblescope.net
Sun Oct 30 05:25:18 PDT 2011

On 30 Oct 2011, at 03:23, Marc J. Driftmeyer wrote:

> That's rather disappointing to read that you don't intende to change the Linux build to Clang.

Only very recently has clang managed to parse all of the recent libstdc++ headers, and libc++ support on linux isn't perfect yet, as far as I know (sorry if I am slightly out-of-date). Projects I work on at work have a similar policy (clang++ on mac, g++ on linux). Perhaps when 3.0 comes out, and is available on a few distributions, we may re-evaluate.

> One would assume when Concurrency work is done in Clang that you'd make the switch. The more projects move to LLVM/Clang the less the number of dependencies arise, unlike the behemoth that has become the GCC Collection. The number of packages alone in Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat and others is just absurd.

I don't really understand what you mean here. If you are getting binaries then the number of dependencies doesn't matter. Also I would hope that systems on linux would simply move to a world where they use the compiler you have denoted, wether it be g++ or clang++. I certainly hope you aren't going to try to pursade individual open source projects to drop support for g++.

> If you offer clang built Linux versions for Debian with their FreeBSD project I'm sure the appreciation would be well received.

Why? Debian builds software from scratch themselves. They can just set the compiler variable to g++ and clang++ as they see fit, and will.

Sorry for the lengthy reply, I just worried slightly about your tone. I want to write, and use, software which works equally well in all C++ compilers. Software which compiles only in one, wether it be clang or g++, should be fixed to work in both, if possible.


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