[cfe-dev] unit tests for Clang TDD

David Kristola kristol1 at illinois.edu
Sat Oct 15 23:32:21 PDT 2011

Hello Chandler, Philip, and Nico,

Thank you all for the information!  Integration-level tests are 
important, but so are unit tests IMO.  The intent is to write both, 
although the integration-level tests might be written *after* code 
instead of *before* (when unit tests are written).  Between a full time 
job, a 16 month old daughter, an understandably frazzled wife, visiting 
in-laws, the normal grind of homework, and this project, i'm not getting 
enough sleep.  I need the safety net of unit tests.  I started 
practicing Test-Driven Development a little while ago and i've found 
that it really helps me.

I've downloaded gtest but it will have to wait until tomorrow for a test 
drive because my eyes won't stay open.

Thank you for your help,
David Kristola
"Bow ties are cool!" -- The Doctor

--djk, keeper of arcane lore&  trivial fluff
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