[cfe-dev] creating and walking the AST

josef maxim pohl josef.m.pohl at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 10:52:20 PDT 2011

Hi there,

I have been banging my head against clang for a bit now trying to get a
sense of how a few things work.  Hence I have a complete beginner type

I am simply trying to construct an AST which I can use to do some source
In trying to work through some of the examples and older tutorials I have
noticed that many use a preprocessor instance.  With the recent version of
clang there seems to be a fundamental difference in the way a preprocessor
object is constructed.  My first question is can anyone tell me how to
reconcile the old methodology with the new.  (ie does anyone have a decent
example of this.)

The other approach to constructing an AST, it appears, is through the
construction of a CompilerInstance.  However I have only seen this used in
plugin operations or in examples that are not constructing an AST.  Are
there any good examples of this behavior (operation) in a stand alone

Please feel free to correct my misguided notions of what is going on and I
apologize for the complete beginner questions.
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